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What are your Hours?
Monday – Thursday 4pm – 9pm
Friday 12 Noon – 12 Midnight
Saturday 10am – 12 Midnight
Sunday 10am – 6pm.

We are often open extended hours during Holidays and when School is out. We will also Open Early, or Stay Open Late for Prepaid Groups of 10 or more. Call for details!
How much does it Cost?
1 Session $9.95
2 Sessions $16.95
3 Sessions $22.95
4 Sessions 27.95

All prices are per person whether a Child or Adult.
Can I have a Birthday Party or other Large Event there?
Yes, please see our Party Planner section.
How long is a Session? What does it consist of?
Most standard Sessions are about 20 Minutes long and consist of a Briefing or Instructions, getting your Weapon from the Armory and playing 1 or 2 Games or Missions, then returning the Weapons to the Armory and getting a Scorecard and De-Briefing. If playing more than 1 Session we typically give you about a 15 minute break in between, so 2 Sessions will consist of about 1 hour, 3 Sessions about 1 ½ hours and 4 Sessions about 2 hours of time.
How many people can play?
You can play with as little as 2 people, but we recommend at least 4 players for a Session. We can accommodate Sessions with up to 30 players at once, so the more the merrier!
What if we have more than 30 Players?
We can play up to 4 Sessions an hour by overlapping the Briefing/Instructions portion of the Session in one room, while the other group is getting their Scorecards and De-Briefing in another room, - so for Groups of over 30 we simply divide you into groups of 2 or more and rotate everyone through.
Do you use real lasers?
Nope! Harmless infrared light is sent back and forth between taggers via the same infrared emitters used in 90 percent of all remote controls, making our Laser Tag as dangerous as changing the channel, but a lot more fun than being a couch potato!
How old must you be to play?
We recommend being at least 5 years old to understand the Tactical nature of our Laser Tag Equipment and Missions. Our equipment is Advanced & Accurate, so it not only appeals to teens & adults, it has often been used by various Police & Military for Training Operations.
What do I wear?
Due to the nature of the sport, players tend to be fairly active to very active, so we strongly encourage closed shoes such as tennis shoes or boots (Open toed shoes, flip-flops, sandals or high heels are discouraged). We recommend well fitting, comfortable active wear.
How does the equipment work?
The equipment uses infrared light to emit a coded signal or beam, similar to the technology used by common TV remote controls. The signal is received by the sensor on the Laser Tag weapon or one of the 3 sensors on the headband, and is then processed through the onboard computer. Based on the data encoded in the signal, the tagger takes damage, replenishes ammo or performs any number of functions depending on the specific Mission being played.
How do I tag someone?
Each Tagger or Laser Tag weapon has its own tactical scope that is carefully aligned for maximum accuracy. These 40mm scopes with a red or green dot in the middle for sighting allow you to accurately aim at your opponent’s weapon or head sensors allowing you to TAG them. These long-range, powerful tactical telescopic scopes allow for accurate shots from hundreds of feet away.
How can I tell if I have been hit?
The hit lights on your Tagger will blink several times and the tagger will make a loud “Ouch!” sound. You can also see a hit indication on your tagger’s LCD.
What happens when I’ve lost all my hit points?
The tagger goes into deactivation mode and the unit screams “Medic, Medic! Man down, Man down!” While your tagger is in this mode, you can’t Tag or be Tagged. To rejoin the game, you must be reactivated, either by a team medic, by a referee, or a respawn box, depending on the type of Mission being played.
How do I get eliminated from play?
Each player has health points. Each time a player is tagged by another Player, they lose a certain number of health points. When a player reaches 0 health, depending on the type of Mission being played, they are either eliminated from play and their tagger is automatically deactivated, or they can respawn and be back in the Mission.
How heavy are the Taggers?
The Taggers only weigh about 4 pounds and feature collapsible stocks for balance and comfortable use.
Do the taggers make noise?
Yes, each tagger has both sci-fi noises and real modern day military sounds. Every time you shoot, reload, get hit or deactivate the tagger, a readily identifiable sound can be heard.
How is LASER TAG SAFARI different from traditional Indoor Laser Tag?
While we can, and do play similar Team Based Games, we also can play much more advanced strategic Missions more similar to popular video games, such as Halo, Counterstrike, Call of Duty and others. Our equipment is very precise, requiring players to aim at their target. By focusing on team-based objectives instead of the individual scoring of traditional indoor laser tag, we provide a game that is far more challenging, entertaining & rewarding.
What is a typical type of mission?
The typical mission is objective based. We often start with a short “Last Man Standing” Game so that the Players get acquainted with the Tagger & Arena, and then move on to a more advanced Game, - for example, a scenario might play out like this: the other team has captured one of your players and you need to rescue him/her. You might need to battle to a specific point and recapture your player or eliminate the opposing team to win the scenario. Either way, teams must outthink the opposition.
What is True-near miss digital detection system?
A near miss is when a player is close enough to be in proximity of hitting a player. It allows the player to experience as close to the actual combat experience without real bullets. The rush of moving across and arena and knowing that you were a half step from buying the farm is priceless. This truly makes the experience realistic and life like. Players love it!
What is Dual Color Muzzle Flash?
This feature allows each individual Teams Tagger to fire a separate muzzle flash color. Alpha Team is Red and Bravo Team is Blue. The muzzle flash is what a player sees when an opposing player is firing a tagger at them. This adds to the excitement of low light level games.
What is Independent Tagger Scoring?
Independent tagger scoring is a unique feature that allows you to see who hit or near missed you last. At the end of the Mission it gives you several parameters to see how well you played. Several of the parameters are how many times and who hit you. How much medical, ammo, flag stations and time extensions you used during the games. How many rounds you fired and how long you were in the game.
What are some of the Variable programmable game-play setting and features?
Variable program game play gives us the ability to set & adjust all the parameters of the game, mission or event. These features allow us to customize games to meet specific outcomes. Missions can have different settings and parameters so that they are never boring.

The following are a few of the features that can be programmed:
  • Team ID
  • Sounds
  • Muzzle Flash
  • Life/ Health Points
  • Armor
  • Unlimited Clips/Number of Clips
  • Rounds Per Clip
  • Fire Selector Mode
  • Time Between Reloads
  • Damage Per Round
  • Rate of Fire
  • Hit Delay
  • Barrel Overheat
  • Friendly Fire, On or Off
  • Death Delay
  • Game Length in Minutes
Located in the legacy center
925 N Lapeer Rd - Suite 232
Oxford, MI 48371